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Insisting for Excellence
Delpha is a Techno-commercial consultancy specializing in effective use of various routes of business financing with a strong hold over Banking Finance. Finance is a fundamental building block for a business at every stage. Core activities of our company revolve around effective procurement of funds leading to efficient business operations for the client in turn providing them competitive edge in their respective markets. Our primary focus is supporting our clients in corporate finance where, wealth maximization is a primary aim. Delpha achieves high effectiveness in the field of financing due to a core belief in ‘Leveraging Wealth’.

Delpha simplifies complex financing situations with the help of six fundamental levels; viz. knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. In Short, ‘Deal structuring is our specialty rest is just a formality’.  

Additionally we also gather strength from associations with organizations like MITCON, Sahakar Vardhini, MCCIA etc.

• Contributing to simplify critical aspects of deal structuring with the aim of leveraging wealth.

• Continuous improvement by implementing innovative concepts, and services.

A lever has two advantages. First of them is being able to lift a greater force with the help of smaller force
and second is balancing two uneven forces. Both these operations can be achieved by placing a pivot at the
right place. Delpha defines its role as a partner; instrumental in deciding the pivotal point to leverage wealth.