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Insisting for excellence
The Evolution of Delpha - Our History
‘DELPHA’ is a portmanteau of ‘DELTA’ and ‘ALPHA’, Delta stands for change whereas Alpha stands for the brightest or main star in a group. As our name suggests, we strive for creating change to help our clients become an ALPHA.

Delpha Consultants started in 2008 as a proprietorship, when Sujit Dhadphale initiated activities in financial consulting. In a short span of time the proprietorship has grown to form a Private limited company with significant projects completed in the area of construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, Food & Agro, and Media. Since inception Delpha has given impetus on continuous improvement of the company’s skill set and in this process people from various streams have joined the company.

Therefore, Delpha Consultants Private Limited has evolved through improved skill set and enriching experience from the projects completed.